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AARON Noah phototherapy comb. aaron hair care
AARON Noah phototherapy comb. aaron hair care

AARON Noah | Phototherapy comb.

Phototherapy comb for scalp stimulation.

AARON presents its new comb for phototherapy scalp treatment.

This comb is focused on calming headaches coming from the scalp, reducing the appearance of oil on the scalp, improving hair stiffness by focusing on the roots and serves as a massage instrument for the head and neck.

The product includes charger, adapter, user manual and product storage box.

Take care of the health and improve the well-being of your hair.

Main features:
  • Reduces headaches

  • Reduces the appearance of oil on the scalp

  • Improves hair stiffness by focusing on strengthening the roots

  • Head and neck massage product.


REF: 070406
AARON Noah phototherapy comb. aaron hair care

Red light treatment.

Red light treatment relieves headaches and scalp pain and prevents hair loss

más información

Cold light treatment.

Blue light treatment helps strengthen hair from the roots and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Improve your health in a few months.

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Rubber spikes


New soft rubber spikes for greater comfort and product experience.


Luminous spikes in blue and red for different treatments.


Discover the different massage modes to reduce head and neck pain and fatigue.

New feature


head neck pain 6.png

*Reduces the feeling of fatigue, burden and tiredness.


The new AARON Noah comb includes improvements to the handle to make this a pleasant to the touch product. 

Easy and intuitive thanks to the new button panel

and led display

New handle


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