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Blood pressure control
in your hand


AARON digital arm blood pressure monitor


AARON presents its blood pressure monitor AARON armrest | ARM

The AARON digital arm blood pressure monitor has been designed and manufactured to meet your daily needs.

It measures your blood pressure quickly, accurately and reliably in just 2 seconds and detects any anomaly in your heart rate instantly.

The AARON ARM blood pressure monitor incorporates our bottom-up measurement technology, allowing you to quickly and accurately measure your blood pressure.

Main features:
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen.

  • Upward measurement quickly and accurately.

  • Memory of up to 80 measurements.

  • Includes batteries, box and rigid plastic case for storage.

  • Approved blood pressure monitor with CE certification.

REF: 070406


Turn on, measure, memorize and save it

So simple and easy to use!

Mechanism controlled by a single button, for ease of use.
Simply press the "start" button and the blood pressure monitor will take care of the rest.


Never doubt your blood pressure again

This measuring device has been designed with an easy-to-read display. So that it only shows the data that really matters.

The data it offers is 100% reliable. 

Memory of up to 80 measurements so you can keep good control of your blood pressure.

It incorporates indicators  "WHO" officials(World Health Organization)



User Manual

User Manual

Internal memory of up to 80 readings

User Manual

User Manual

Padded, easy-adjust bracelet

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