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AARON | Stethoscopes


AARON double bell stethoscope

The AARON double bell stethoscope offers great acoustic sensitivity that provides optimal performance when performing general physical examinations.

The AARON double bell stethoscope is the premium version of the AARON stethoscope range.

It offers great acoustic sensitivity that provides optimal performance, as well as a versatile two-sided bell with which both low and high sounds can be heard.

It is the ideal instrument for both students and health professionals for optimal care of the health and well-being of patients.

It has a thick tube to avoid strangulation as well as soft eartips to provide the greatest possible comfort.

Differences between our stethoscopes


Flat Stethoscope / AARON Nursing

Also known as a nursing stethoscope.

Designed for auscultation of internal body sounds.

This stethoscope is especially indicated for taking blood pressure.


AARON double bell stethoscope

This stethoscope is more precise than the flat stethoscope.

It allows you to capture high and low sounds necessary to analyze murmurs and abdominal noises.

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