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AARON radio frequency facial massager. hot cold treatment
AARON radio frequency facial massager. hot cold treatment

AARON Lena | Facial massager

Radio frequency treatment with Cold Heat.

AARON presents its new Lena facial massager.

This facial massager incorporates radio frequency treatment with Red and Blue Cold Heat for Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging, Deep Cleansing, Care of your facial health.

The product includes charger, adapter, user manual and product storage box.

Main features:
  • Facial massager with radio frequency treatment

  • Cold heat treatment

  • Deep cleansing of pores and skin

  • facial care and cream applicator


REF: 070406
AARON radio frequency facial massager. hot cold treatment
aaron lena skin care.png

Cold treatment

with blue light.

The blue/cold mode (wavelength 470nm ± 10nm) has the effect of quickly inhibiting inflammation, can penetrate the cortex below 0.25mm, destroying the living environment of bacteria and even reducing the formation of acne .


Cold mode helps shrink pores, locks skin nutrients and moisture, calms swelling, firm contour, makes skin delicate and elastic. 


Heat treatment

with red light.

Red light treatment (wavelength 622nm±10nm) can promote collagen production, improve eye fine lines, repair damaged skin, restore elasticity and make skin soft and smooth.

You can use them to:

Warm massages.

Helps quickly open pores.

Promotes blood circulation.

Completely absorb nutrients.

Awakens the vitality of the skin.

Improve your facial health.


Treatment results

High performance radio frequency treatment.

- Acts directly on the facial muscle.

- Stimulates collagen regeneration.

- Stimulates fibers to reduce wrinkles.

- Stimulates skin tension.

aaron lena facial massager 4.png
aaron lena facial massager.png

EMS massage

- Exercise the muscles of facial expression.

- Firms the skin.

- Massages the muscles.

- Helps improve its elasticity.


Wireless Charging

Discover the new magnetic and wireless charger. 

Ideal for quick and easy charging.

*This item works with a highly durable, latest generation lithium battery.


memory function

It will remember the mode you used last time so you can continue with the treatment until it is complete.

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