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Bienvenido a nuestro portal de asistencia virtual para productos AARON

  • Does it work with batteries?
    No, the new AARON Noah works with the latest generation lithium battery. The product includes a cable to charge it via USB as you would with your mobile phone.
  • Can I trust the results 100%?
    We cannot guarantee 100% that the results of this product will work for you. In studies prior to the sale of this item on the market, it has been shown that in most cases they notice some type of improvement.
  • What guarantee does this product have?
    This product enjoys a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. AARON will not cover defects resulting from misuse of the product, so we advise you to read the instructions carefully and see how it works online before using it.
  • Can it be returned?
    We are open to receiving return and refund requests from all our customers, but we must inform you that all of them must pass a return control. We will not accept items returned due to misuse and/or used. AARON offers hygiene and personal care products for sale and that is why any product that has a broken seal cannot be accepted as a return.
  • Does this item take batteries?
    The new AARON Lena does not have batteries. It incorporates a latest generation lithium battery to last longer and has a USB cable so you can charge it.
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