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AARON irrigation pears

Aaron irrigation pear

Discover the new irrigation pears, made of one-piece rubber with a soft touch finish.

It features an ergonomic design to ensure that the mouthpiece is soft and can provide comfortable entry without any discomfort or pain.

They are currently available in 6 different numbers depending on the use and desired capacity.

Instrument designed for personal care and well-being by removing nasal, rectal and vaginal waste. Ideal in case of constipation.

Main features:
  • Made of soft rubber in one piece.

  • Soft touch finish

  • Individual presentation in shrink-wrapped box

  • Specially designed for hygiene.

Aaron irrigation pear

Aaron irrigation pear

Cleaning is simple. Suck water with the bulb a couple of times to clean the inside. We also recommend that you use alcohol to disinfect the product and eliminate any bacteria that may be present.

All our irrigation pears have been manufactured with rubber and a soft touch finish.

All AARON irrigation pears have been manufactured in a single piece, guaranteeing premium product quality as well as optimal product durability and functionality.

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